Propulsive Writing – How to Use This Highly Effective Style to Write a Viral Blog Article

propulsive writing

  This post is about ‘propulsive writing’, a term not very widely popular. Nonetheless, you will know in the coming paragraphs, it has high value in terms of creating a viral blog post. Basically, propulsive writing is connected closely to the popular term ‘engagement’ in the world of blogging but it works a bit differently. … Read more

How to Dig Into Simple Discussions to Get Trendy Topics for Blogs (Writer’s Block – A Thing of the Past )

trendy topics for blogs - find them by a process of digging.

Blog post ideas were once alien to me. But I happened to discover an immensely valuable technique to find trendy topics for blogs. It happened by chance. I mean, the discovery. Discoveries are spontaneous things and take place by chance – I must say. On a usual summer day, with her usual smile, Shelley uttered … Read more

Blog Post Ideas – Suggestions for the Months of February & March ( Wonderful Time for Bloggers !)

Come February and my writing energy peaks! For me, there is no dearth of blog post ideas in this season. One of the months when I love thinking…I love writing….and I just love living…in this world. Because this is the month of love – the month of Valentine… ♥♥♥     Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash   … Read more